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Android 15 : quels sont low-stop compatible smartphones?

 Android 15 : quels sont low-stop compatible smartphones?

Android 15, the subsequent model ten plans to make the most of Google, says Fat Servant. While all signs seem to factor to a speculative launch with the aid of the cease of 2024, the vague list of Samsung-well-matched smartphones might already be known. Here's everything you need to realize.

Android 15 : quels sont low-stop compatible smartphones?
 Android 15 : quels sont low-stop compatible smartphones?

With the powerful Android 14 touchdown last October 4, it will soon be time to welcome Android 15, the successor tant Attendu. Given that the Pixel smartphones are – as usual – the first with a purpose to launch a developer preview, in any other case referred to as Android 15's first test model at the developer vacation spot, we already recognise that Samsung smartphones a recevront l.  A. Prochaine mise à is partially named jour de l'OS.

As our parents at Phonandroid explained, this list isn’t (yet) respectable and will mainly rely on Samsung’s software program update policy. Phonandroid precisely, that inside the destiny, it’s now not almost impossible that the South Korean maker will decide to delete or upload some fashions from this non-big roster.

Android 15: Few smartphones are compatible with Samsung who should be

Come on there will be no question, the maximum outrageous Samsung smartphones must include Android 15. Here then is the hypothetical list.

Série Galaxy S Série Galaxy Z Série Galaxy A
Galaxy S 21 Ultra Galaxy Z Flip3 Galaxy A 14 5G
Galaxy S21 Galaxy Z Fold 4 Galaxy A 24
Galaxy S21 FE Galaxy Z Flip4 Galaxy A 23
Galaxy S22 Galaxy Z Fold 5 Galaxy A 33
Galaxy S22+ Galaxy Z Flip5 Galaxy A 53
Galaxy S22 Ultra Galaxy Z Fold 3 Galaxy A 72
Galaxy S 23 Galaxy A 54
Galaxy S 23+ Galaxy A 15 5G
Galaxy S 23 Ultra Galaxy A 25
Galaxy S 21+ Galaxy A34
Galaxy S23 FE Galaxy A73
Galaxy S24
Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S24+

Looking at this listing, it is going to be referred to that the oldest Galaxy S version to get the following update is the Galaxy S21, which turned into launched in January 2021. Among them, Samsung's foldable smartphones, called the Galaxy Z Guna and Galaxy Z Flip, the gadgets the first and 2d technology must not receive the update. 

Finally, less pills Galaxy Tab Eight (Galaxy Tab S8- S8  on S8 Ultra) and Galaxy Tab Nine (Galaxy Tab S9- S9  on S9 Ultra) should also power assistant Android.

As for the Android 15 release date, nothing is official. According to several sources, Google may also unveil its today's operating machine within the spring of 2024, or in a few months, at its Google I/O 2024 conference.


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